Action plan adopted at the EGARA-meeting 2006.11.17:


  • Enlarging EGARA
To seek to get remaining EU-countries as members of EGARA as the first priority, and coming EU-members as the second priority, and especially for these, assisting them in creating national association


·      Information management

In order to meet the needs for information amongst its members, EGARA will initiate discussions with producers and others to secure the flow of information according to the requirements in the elv-directive and as an effect of the cancellation of the block exemption. In this context also to work for an international and structured exchange of information with other associations.


·      Monitoring implementation of the elv-directive

In order to ensure that the elv-directive is implemented in the EU and EES-countries, giving fair conditions for automotive recyclers, EGARA will monitor the implementations and promote the role of automotive recyclers as delivery points for elvs, assuring compliance with the directive and its requirements concerning re-use and recycling percentages, and will, if pertinent, make interventions in the individual countries


·      NACE-code

In order to get international recognition of our industry, EGARA will work for getting a proper NACE//ISIC code for our industry, properly addressing that we are involved in Automotive Recycling, EGARA will address Eurostat on the issue and national associations will address their national standardisation organisation with the same proposal. value.




·      Monitoring the EU Waste regulations

In order to ensure that coming amendment to EU Waste regulation law does not infringe our business, especially concerning rules for import/export of used vehicles and accident vehicles, EGARA will monitor the legislation initiatives and notify the Commission and National Authorities about its position and the interests of the industry.


·      Quality of spare parts

Realising that quality of sapre parts and component will be a key issue in order to gain market.-shares in the future, EGARA will seek to incorporate the work of CNPA, VASSO, DAG and VDI into, if possible, a pan-European quality coding set for Automotive Recyclers to form part of the EGARA Minimum Standards for certification systems

·      Marking of Parts

Realising that EGARA’s “trade-mark” is : “Right part for right car”, EGARA will work for that, in order to satify the requirement in the ELV-directive concerning complete dismantling information, producers shall mark their parts in a way that re-use of parts are possible, without endangering traffic security and/or environment – preferably by marking parts and components, with original and OEM-numbers.

·      Defition of ELV

Realising that following the definitions in the Waste Directive for when an old vehicle is an ELV gives rise to practical problems, EGARA will work for getting a more precise definition, preferably based on that issuing a COD is the critical point

·      Non-metal assumption

In order to facilitate ATF’s reporting concerning recycling quota, EGARA will, together with IMVRA, work on initiating a study concerning a non-metal assumption.