After ‘Have your say’, now what?

In a previous article EGARA called all her members and their associated dismantlers to respond to the ‘Have your say’ invitation of the European Commission. This was done and lead to a great number of responses. Not only of dismantlers, but a whole variety of stakeholders and people with an interest responded. Main point is that we (dismantlers, national associations and EGARA) are visible now and in the system of all processes around this new law.

This information that we all provided is stored and read. We are now getting into the phase of discussions and amendments by the EC politicians. They will ask questions, they want to know how this proposal was landed by the stakeholders and they will be approached by many stakeholders. This is the moment the lobbying starts. But not just for EGARA, for everyone that has a contact in any which way to EU politics and politicians.

One aspect may cause some delay, or might make work already done obsolete or ineffective: European Elections Who will be in the European Parliament (EP) after the elections? Do we need to wait with our lobby or can we make any predictions? No for both points. We have no crystal ball. But starting to inform your network about your needs and wishes is beginning to start now. This network is very important in this phase. Even if Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are not elected, they know where you should go and they know plenty of other people that may be valuable contacts.

More good reasons to start lobbying, is because others do it too and because car dismantling is complicated matter. One needs to realise that other stakeholders even have professional lobbyists that do nothing else than lobbying for their business. Don’t be scared that we are not of any importance, most MEPs appreciate to meet the industry itself (the actual dismantlers) and value the contacts highly. The information we give them about ourselves is first hand. If we do not explain our business, our needs and our interests, other will do this for us, but not as we like. We need to do this ourselves.

We need to get attention for our interests and our specific needs. We need to get attention in this phase at the right places before we are misunderstood. We have a few good contacts, but it will serve our case if we have more contacts and if our message is spread and reaches the MEPs from different directions.

So inform your contacts to the EP and MEPs about the items that are important for us like:

  • parts information;
  • parts reuse of ALL parts (including traction batteries);
  • market for materials that need to be removed compulsory;
  • costs of obligations that are not covered by market;
  • tackling illegals;
  • conditions to define car of ELV;
  • unnecessary registration (certainly in case systems already exist);
  • delivery of complete ELVs only (including EV battery!);
  • authorities and license decide if a company continues, not a contract with a producer;
  • and so on.

It would be wise to keep each other posted about the actions taken. EGARA will do so anyway and we are open for all suggestions and reports of results. Together we should take this chance to end up as good as possible. We need to avoid not to be heard or seen or to be passed by organisations with other interests than we do. Do not lean backwards after you filed your feedback, stay active!

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