Mrs. Artemis Hatzi-Hull (Artemis for us) finally enjoys her well earned retirement. She was a superb relation for EGARA and she always had time for us and stood open for our ideas and experiences. We were happy to have had her on the post for the ELV Directive for so many years. Our contacts go back to 2007 when reporting methodologies were discussed. The contact was good from the first second and remained good and close until the last moment. Artemis joined many of our meetings and trips and was happy to receive an overload of info. We always had actual info from the EC. We were happy to be so close involved in the whole ELV Directive review process so far. We hope Artemis now has time for all the nice things she wants to do and wish her and her family all the luck in the world.

Last digital spring meeting Artemis was again present and informed us about the progress of the review. She stated how important our (not just EGARA’s, but everyone’s) input is as we are the industry and how much this input is valued. Artemis and the EC learned a lot about car dismantling and how the Directive was related to the practise from us. Our stories, but also the visits we organised and which she loved to join were a source of info to her. And she loved the more or less informal atmosphere of our meetings in which all can and will say what they think. From both sides there never was a hidden agenda.

Artemis leaving does not mean the review process comes to a halt or that we have no influence or short lines. Artemis introduced EGARA some time ago to her team and to the consultants involved. Some of them, we already know for a long time. Besides that, we still have plenty of opportunities to make us heard, as consultations go on. Now an public internet consultation asks for input until 26th of October. We hope many (if not all) members will respond and contribute to this consultation. Later a targeted consultation will follow as well in which EGARA is one of the stakeholders that will be invited.

We said it before: Make yourself heard. Take advantage of this opportunity. We do not always have the chance to have so much influence on legislation that is so important for us. We have the attention of the EC, we are involved, but taking the extra step of responding and sending the same message from every direction possible is evident.

We will miss Artemis as she was a great contact and a lovely woman, but life goes on and so does our business and the processes that affect them. We will stay in touch with the EC and we will anything to keep the relation up and open for the best results. Please do not forget how far we came and contribute every time the opportunity is there.