EGARA and odometer fraude

Since a year EGARA is involved in the Platform ‘Tackling Vehicle Crime’. This platform investigates ways to cooperate between different European organiations in fighting vehicle crime. Other Stakeholders are: Carpol (european polices), ACEA (Car manufacturers ), CECRA (dealers and independant workshops), E-Reg (Vehicle Registration Authorities), Insurance Europe (insurance associations), FIA (motoring and motor sport clubs) and of course EGARA. The scope is not limited to vehicle theft only, this group treats all sorts of vehicle crime.

During the last meeting in September, odometer (or milage) fraude was the main topic. All suffer from clocking. Agreed was to request the national members to ask attention for clocking at their governments. Two main items need to be done to start fighting clocking: it needs to be an offence by national laws and technical solutions for registration of odometer counts.

Odometer fraude may be not our first concern as dismantlers, but we also sometimes buy fairly young accident cars for rather high prices when we think the milage is low. Imagine (or remember) the problems you get when a sold engine turns out to 100,000 – 150,000 more km’s than the clock said and the belt snaps or oil consumption is outragious.

But that’s not all. With implementation of compulsary registration, a good registration system is necessary. This is just another incentive for one of our industyries’ main wishes. We need good registration systems to have the ELV’s coming to our sites instead of them disappearing into thin air.

Besides that, being a member of the Tackling Vehicle Crime Platform is good for our image. We are good legal business and the world should know!