The IARC (International Automotive Recyclers Congress) 2017 will be held in Berlin from March 22nd- 24th. EGARA will be one of the speakers in the morning programme on Thursday 23rd. Name of the speech is “The challenges of sustainable car dismatling. EGARA is happy to present herself and her points of view on the biggest automotive recyclers event amongst many other experts.

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Report Stakeholder workshop

The results of the Consultation Missing ELV’s were discussed in a workshop on November 21st 2016. The answers were clustered in groups of respondents:
• Producers/Importers,
• Other industrie

• Governments/Authorities • Civilians

A lot can be said about this clustering and the fact a single civilian has the same weight as a producer or dismantlers association, but it gave some insight in the interests of the contributors. Main difference was producers see no use in funds. Most of the proposals done in the consultation were agreed with mostly by most stakeholders, which is not a surprise. One of the most important points in my opinion is COD’s should be issued by only ATF’s and no other collection point or business (like shredders).

In the presentations, the British DVLA (registration body) and Dutch RDW were shown as best practises. DVLA has done some changes to improve registration, but their suspention of registration (SORN) has now also the possibility to Indefinite suspension (ISORN) which to my belief is a step backward as it means there’s no view if the vehicle even comes out of the suspension status.Suspension should be renewed each year, otherwise the car is a missing vehicle (no export or COD). The RDW is the only existing closed continuous system. The only escape for false deregistration is export.

In the discussion about registration /deregistration and export /dismantling, the insight came that most systems are as open as possible. Export registration means the vehicle is out of sight and it’s uncertain if it wil ever show up in another national system. Enforcement is also an item. Some plead for a European database, Eucaris was mentioned, funds were discussed, it was clear people were looking for a solution.

In the end, as EGARA, I stated that if all member states had continuous systems in which no (temporary) deregistration was possible, the only reasons for deregistration would be the COD for dismantling and export outside the EU. (Suspending registration is not the same as deregistration.) Export to a MS would just mean the new registration keeper (the new owner, responsible for the car) can be someone in another registration system. If all national registration systems were continuous, they could connect to each other and this EU network would make any (EU) database unnecessary. This statement was supported by ACEA. It became clear that DG Move had to get used to this idea, as they only started to explain that registration was about ownership and not following the vehicle. I my

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opinion, that’s why we miss 4 million (probably more) vehicles. After the meeting some said to feel for the idea of continuous registration.

It seems the EU and MS can continue to think of better systems and take measures that can make their monitoring better and will make ELV’s come to our companies. It also means coöperation between DG’s is necessary and we support this idea. We hope the insight grows and we are willing to contribute and explain our ideas as often as necessary.

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