One of EGARA’s activities is a modest lobby at the EC. In this form we are sometimes asked for our opinion or for our information and data. As EGARA is not a statistic organisation we do not always have data present. In order to collect some, a small questionnaire can be set up and dispensed among the EGARA members.

We were able to provide some numbers and info about funded systems that may be interesting for other people in the industry too.

EGARA has members in 11 countries. Funds exist in 5 countries of them. In one country the fund was discontinued after the EC decided it was spent the wrong way. Funds are filled in different ways. Some are filled when a new vehicle is registered, one is filled annually via insurance. The funds are spent differently also. Some pay premiums to the dismantler, some to the last owner. Some even to the shredder. One was used for research and investment in recycling techniques. We also see differences in amounts of money. Contributions vary from € 8,- to € 260,-. Premiums vary from € 16,- to € 320 per ELV. Fund keepers can be the producers organisation, but also customs, insurance or ministries are in charge of funds.

Many different systems exist and no 2 systems are alike, which makes comparing them very hard. We could try to choose some best examples, but the funds even have different purposes. Anyhow, we heard in some countries producers or importers state that funded systems hardly exist. This is not true. Funds exist and in most cases they are kept by producers organisations.

The ELV Directive allows each country to have its own way of filling in a funded system if one is desired. EGARA feels funded systems can help legal dismantlers in their business to compete with illegals, but producers can think of other alternatives also, like parts information.

Anyone who is interested in the actual results and details of the survey can contact EGARA at .