EGARA is preparing an inventory among her members to make an overview about the implementation of the ELV Directive and it’s problems. It’s EGARA’s experience that many governments are late or incomplete with their implementations. Also the national supervision and controll on following the rules and legislation is at least insufficient or has no priority at all. In this cases a level playingfield is nowhere to be found. Governments are supposed to take care of players that do not live up to legislation and so protect the ones that do.

EGARA has decided to inform The EU herself by making the situations and consequences in European countries clear. This will be done in a rather simple overview, so it will be an understandable document that will not be forgotten of misunderstood.

Formats of this document will be sent to the members associations in which they can describe their specific problems with the implementation or lack of it themselves. EGARA expects to give the EU insight in the real world of cardismantling and expects to help the EU to take care of her members that still haven’t implemented the Direction as meant.