The first meeting for this project was held in Delft, the Netherlands in Februari. CEN is the European standardisation organisation. The initiative came from the fireworks branche. Then the automotive sector tried to join as Airbags and Pre-tensioners (A&P) are ‘pyrotecnic articles too. Present were the French BNA, the German BAM. The Belgium ERM, Autoliv, CLEPA, NEN (Dutch standardisation) Genius and EGARA. Our goal is to see how aftermarker airbags must be treated as we feel our second hand airbags are aftermarket versions too. We also feel we should watch the producers not try to realize a veto on second-hand A&P. They still speak of a list with parts not te be reused. Fortunately this is not an accepted list. EGARA fought this problem in the past succesfully, but we must be sharp.