EGARA’s Fall Meeting 2007 was attended by 14 countries. Newcomer as a candidate member was Czech. Before the meeting a welcome with coffee was aranged so everyone could meet and have a little talk first.

Chairman Paul Fox welcomed everyone present and openend the meeting. First action after approval of the agenda was the official full membership of Slovakia. This makes a total of 16 EGARA members and 1 candidate member.

Main points at the meeting were:

  • A report about the meeting with Mrs. Artemis Hatzi-Hull from DG environment at the European Commission. A small delegation (Paul Fox, Marc van den Brand and Henk Jan Nix) went to visit her the day before EGARA’s meeting. She was very pleased to receive the industrie itself as she called it. She’s originally an administrator and is responsible for the items packaging materials and ELV’s. EGARA informed her about several items like airbags, funded and non-funded systems and PST (Post Shredder Technique). She agreed to keep EGARA informed about important items and to counsel EGARA to be informed as well.
  • Walter explained several projects about Quality standards, NACE codes and the VDI project about certification. EGARA is also still involved in the E-mult project.
  • Also the use of EGARA means in relation to invitations to all kinds of meetings was discussed. It was explained that EGARA will visit meetings or join projects only when it’s really beneficiary to EGARA. Visiting meetings takes a lot of time and money. Making cost statements for EU-money takes more times sometimes than hours are covered with the EU-fee. Also EGARA is not about commercial activities. EGARA is for the playing field of dismantling. So these things will be concidered carefully before deciding where to go and how to spend the money of our members. EGARA is not a very rich organisation, but EGARA is an independent and thus strong and valued organisation.
  • The actionplan was agreed to be updated with more priority for EU-contacts. Here the frameworks for laws that involve dismantling and spare-parts are made. So we have most influence when we are part of the developping proces of EU-legislation.
  • Next meeting will be in Hungary, May 22nd and 23rd

After the Meeting Paul Fox Thanked everybody for taking the effort to visit this meeting and wished everybody a safe trip home. It was concluded that this EGARA meeting was a very constructive and succesful one.