The Hungarian dismantlers organisation GOE has announced to be working on a major event that comes with the Springmeeting. This meeting will be held in Szeget. It seems no effort is too big or heavy to handle to make it a memorable happening.

In the conference program, chairmen and general secretaries from from each continent (Europe, USA, Australia, and the chairman from the malaysian association) will present their country’s dismantling system.

Besides the meeting and conference, the social programme is quite extensive. Special attention is asked for the the paralell programs just like the funny dismantling competition (3 member teams can apply for the competition from every nation), Trabant-derby (race of old Trabants), pre-event programmes (sightseeing in Budapest and Szeged) and the concert.

The Hungarians hope all EGARA members will register and visit this springmeeting and will show up with as many participants as possible.

Further info can be found on: . Please visit this site.