This last May, EGARA managed to make some appointments in Brussels with important officials/stakeholders in order to discuss our business and goals. We spoke with MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen, we spoke with Helena Taimisto, political assistant of MEP Merja Kyllönen, with Frank Schehuber (director aftermarket) of Clepa and with Artemis (DG Environment, ELV’s), her head of unit Sarah Nelen and assitant Gaël de Rotalier.

MEP Merja Kyllönen/ Helena Taimisto

With Helena Taimisto we discussed our main items (parts info and registration) and I promised to send the Ricardo report from Clepa and my article in Which producers are obliged to give us aces to parts info. Merja and Sirpa have good contacts.

Clepa, Frank Schlehuber (director aftermarket)

The discusion with Frank was very open. We have a shared interest and sustainability and circular economy are very welcome as extra arguments. Clepa already works together with Tec Alliance (Tecdoc) and they can use an extra logo (ours) for this case. What was good to hear, was Franks vision that we all have our niches and we do not steal each other customers.

The Ricardo report* was the result of a survey in which some stakeholders that rely on OEM’s info, were asked if acces to OEM info was good. Many stakeholders do not just use OEM info, they also or mainly use providers info like from techdoc and many more, so they have no problems. Clepa points out for this reason they did their own survey with stakeholders and parties about direct acces to OEM info.

Clepa was clear about the need for info and acces to OEM systems. Other points are acces via OBD and more and better acces to diagnostic software. Frank added our wish for history of parts numbers.

EGARA will keep Clepa informed about our actions to OEM info. Clepa will keep us update about the type approval legislation.

Artemis Hatzi-Hull

Artemis introduces us by her boss Sarah Nelen and co-worker Gaël de Rotalier. She points out the importance of the contact with EGARA because of the knowledge in the working field and the vision of the dismantler’s industry. She’s interested in our comments on the unknown whereabouts report and on the Directive.

Car plastics have become a new focus. Different kinds of plastic are used, they should be easy indentifiable, labour, storage and collection costs should be compensated as long as costs are higher than benefits and plastic recycling always means downcycling. PST plastics fraction is hardly an option as plastics are mixed and contaminated and smelly. So far only manual dismantling (separation at the source) seems to be the only way for plastics recycling at the highest level. But we wonder if it can be done at a commercially based way.

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MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen

We explained the sustainability and circularity of our business. We explained we still get no acces to the required info and the CLEPA has the same problem. Sirpa knows CECRA also suffers from the lack of info. She’s very interested in the Ricardo report and we promised to send it and also the paper about the obligations. Also fair competion is an issue for CLEPA and CECRA. She points out that Frans Timmermans put plastics high on the agenda. We will keep Sirpa informed about our business and goals.

Follow up. We think we had a very fruitfull day. Some of these contacs are new and some we have for some time. We plan to follow up these visits in some months to keep the contacts warm and active. We keep you posted!

* The survey can be viewed here: survey_Final-report_v3.0.pdf ,

or directly at: report_v3.0.pdf .