EGARA chairman Paul Fox visited on behalf of EGARA the IARC in Brussles. The IARC is one of the events EGARA sees as very useful. Even though we weren’t in the programme this year, it was a good opportunity to meet some of our contacts and get by. The presentation of Mr. Julius Langendorff of the Waste Management Unit of the EC made clear now is the time to help the EC improve the ELV Directive. A fitness check will be set up for October, but complaints about not functioning implementation or opposite effects of the Directive are very welcome as the EC is open for suggestion and needs to follow up on official complaints. 6 Million missing vehicles have their attention. EGARA already informed her members about this opportunity and will keep on encouraging to file complaints.

Complaints against implementations and (lack of) effects of the ELV Directive mainly concern three items:

  • –  Vehicles go to illegals;
  • –  Derestration is very well possible without COD’s;
  • –  No parts data are made available for reuse of parts. (In some countries even banlists areimplemented on national registration, preventing reuse)

    Some EGARA members are busy filing complaints, EGARA hopes all members and also car related organisations will file complaints to have all ELV’s issued with COD’s and to have data provided for optimal reuse as prevention on waste is highest on the ladder of reuse.