On request of the Polish dismantlers’ organisation FORS, EGARA decided to have her fall meeting in Krakau this time. In Poland there’s some problems with the implementation and execution of the Directive. On request of EGARA this was already a topic for some time for the ELV administrator (Mrs. Artemis Hatzi-Hull) at DG Environment of the European Commission. Mrs. Hatzi-Hull was Invited by FORS and EGARA to join our meeting and have a look in Poland herself. We are very happy that Mrs. Hatzi Hull agreed to join the programme and got permission for this mission.

At Friday morning the conference with various stakeholders was held. Present were not only Mrs. Hatzi-Hull, almost all EGARA members and the FORS board, but also representatives from GM, Ministry of Environment and the shredders’ Chamber of commerce. It was an informative morning and FORS could show her influence at the EC to all present.

The afternoon was for EGARA’s closed meeting. Most important topics are producers data for partnumbers and unfair competion in all it’s appearances. Both are on the EGARA action plan. Unfair competition is also a producers’ topic, and together EGARA and the producers have various means and ideas to tacle illegal operators and provide benefits and advantages for ATF’s.

Day 2 was for the excursion to a Polish dismantlers’ company. The programme also gave everyone and the Polish in particular, the opportunity to discuss many aspects of dismantling and legislation with Mrs. Hatzi-Hull. The atmosphere was good and all concluded this meeting was also very fruitfull.

The 2012 springmeeting will be organized by VASSO in Switzerland at May 11th.