Last March 22nd – 24th, the International automobile recycling congress took place. EGARA was of the speakers amongst many others. EGARA also took part in the press conference. Apart from speakers, many stakeholders and people of interest for EGARA were present. Although the conference is a commercial event, it was also a good occaision to catch up some people and do some business with them.

The EGARA speech had 2 main messages: We are sustainable by just doing what we normally do and we can fulfill our obligations because we cover these costs with parts sales. Parts reuse is even more sustainable than material recycling and reuse. For this we need producers info (What parts fits what cars and what procedures are needed to get them functioning) and we are willing to pay a reasonable fee for that. The speech was received well. Besides all the contacts it was good to send out our message. We need attention and support for our position and our points of view.

The presentations and press conference will be put online at the EGARA website, but we want to try to mention some interesting facts that were told by the speakers briefly:

Artemis, EC: Shipments of used vehicles mask export of ELV’s. Court decision 2005/293 revision. Georg Mehlhart, Öko/Estat: Good registration systems are necessary to track al vehicles and ELV’s.

Tobias Bahr, ACEA: To be sustainable: 1: repairability and reusability of cars, 2: COD as key for succesfull ELV collection and processing.

Stig Thorlak, DPA Denmark: Premium for the fund is paid by car owner: 15,- /year as a surplus on Insurance. Last owner gets paid for a COD: 200,- increased to 300,-.

Arie de Jong, ARN: Glass wears out the PST factory quicker than he wants(!). Paul Lucács, Car-Rec Kft: Government is not willing to enforce illegals.

Erico spini, Radici Group Performance plastics: Polymer reuse good possible if removed separately and metals taken out.

Ferdinand Kleppman, CEWEP: If plastics are properly recycled, no problem. If not, WtE (waste to energy) should be the only way. Governments are only out to fulfill quota, quality should be considered also.

Paul Niedl, Starlinger Recycling Technology: removing odours from recycled plastics. (Fuel tanks or food packaging)

Bruno Douchy, Procotex: No fibre recycling from cars yet. Resin needs to be burned off: High energy use. Now only the soft waste (not from cars) is recycled.

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Michael Wilson, ARA: Producers now have a negative attitude towards reuse of parts (Ford commercial with plane waiting for spare parts before take-off).

Mathias Petterson, LKQ: LKQ sells both used engines as well as remanufactured ones. His message is also: don’t shred all your value (they are interested in the cores). They have contracts with many dismantlers in Sweden.

Amir Seifizadeh, Iran: Dismantling in Iran: ELV must be in riding condition, punch a hole in the engine when it arrives at the dismantler, no reuse at the risk of losing the permit, cars need to be dismantled at age of 21.

Daniel Christen/Daniela Brunner, Switzerland: Not more regulation on export, but better enforcement. Besides guide document also points systems to decide if a car is repairable or an ELV (waste).

Wrap up: EGARA is mentioned as a business that has it’s income in parts sales.
Anyone who is interesed in more details, have a look at the presentations at .