As Polish Car Recyclers Association FORS we were honored to organize the III International Conference – Domestic and Worldwide Vehicles Recycling, which was entitled “Together Against The Black Economy” . The conference was held on October 2, 2018 in the Novotel Warszawa Centrum Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

As in the previous years, we were hosting the industry representatives from various countries: United States, Japan, Brazil, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Norway, Estonia. The key theme of this year’s Conference was the black economy and the ways of coping with this illegal form of competition. At the beginning we tried to define the concept of black economy and tried to consider what are the fundamental differences between the black economy and legal economic activity. We had the opportunity to learn about solutions used in other countries and methods of effective reduction of the impact of the black economy on the legal market. We learned how the car theft problem in Europe looks like, what is the scale of this phenomenon and what actions are taken to reduce it. We presented the latest changes in Polish regulations adopted after the wave of fires in landfill and storage sites. We tackled the subject of safety during dismantling of hybrid vehicles, which are being sent to dismantling stations more and more frequently.

The Conference ended with a discussion panel with guests from Poland and abroad.

During the Conference attendees could take a look through the offers of the exhibitors whom we have invited to present services and devices dedicated for dismantling stations.

This year Conference was connected with FORS 20th anniversary. On this occasion, we invited our guests to the formal Gala with an artistic performance and gifted all participants with memorial statuette.

Please find below all the presentations and a photo from our Conference.