More countries join EGARA

VIAV, in Austria, which for a period has been member of EGARA, are back inside! Having had a chance to solve some internal, primarily financial problems, VIAV have now take the decision to come back – a thing which was announced during the last EGARA-meeting in Brussels in November 2004.

This decision was of course welcomed by the entire group, which also very much welcomed to new members , joining as from 2005.

The newly formed association in Romania ANSDAR, who for the first time participated in the meeting, have joined and look forward to collaboration with us.

No doubt, being a new association in a country where the sector is building up and in a situation where the implementation of the elv-directive into Romanian law is currently being dealt with, ANSDAR is convinced about that they can benefit from a membership and the support of EGARA in their discussions with the government.

Also EUCAR in Germany, a group of more than 50 automotive recyclers trying to turn themselves into a real national association joined.

Finally it should be mentioned that over the last years EGARA has been in close contact with the ELV-NGO in Estonia and they have also announced that they intend to join as a full member. As a consequence of that, the forthcoming EGARA-meeting in May 2005 will take place in Tallinn, Estonia and the ELV-NGO will to this meeting invite representatives from other Baltic countries to the meeting and hopefully then will then later on join the association.