EGARA goes for International cooperation between associations

The world is getting more and more global, and the Automotive recyclers now take this into account, by stimulating cooperation between associations. Basically we, together, have a lot of competencies and knowledge, and if we could find a way of sharing these, we could all benefit  – on as well association level as on the level of the individual recyclers.

With this in mind, EGARA took the initiative at its last meeting in Brussels, 17. – 18.11.05 to invite participants from other associations to their meeting, to investigate the possibilities for working together. There was great support for this, and after a “brainstorming” on issues on which we should cooperate internationally, the meeting made the following list of recommendations:

  • To continue and expand the successful exchange of information between association secretaries


  • To establish a quarterly international newsletter
  • in a harmonised format to be put on web-sites
  • containing short reports from each country/association
  • with key issues to be covered:
    • overview of certification systems
    • overview on rules for testing and selling used airbags
    • overview on rules for how to obtain salvage cars
    • needs for testing equipment
    • exchange of information concerning solutions of important problems

During the next months the secretaries of the different associations, together forming an “editorial committee” – also including our colleague Alan Marshall, APPRA – Australia who unfortunately could not come – but is on board – will finalise the details concerning the newsletter, and it is the plan that the first of these newsletters will come early in 2006.

It was further decided to arrange an International Round Table at the forthcoming ARA-event in Las Vegas, March 2006 to elaborate further on the ideas, and the aim is to make an International Action Plan – and then start working on the items in it.

EGARA looks forward to this, and strongly believes that if we realise and benefit from that ”together we are strong”, the Automotive Recycling Sector will get a better future internationally.