NGO-ELV, Estonia and DA, Lithuania join EGARA

At the just concluded EGARA-meeting in Bucharest, two new associations joined EGARA:

NGO-ELV, Estonia    Mittetulundusühing ELV

DA, Lithuania            Lietuvos Demontuotojų asociacija

This brings the number of associations/countries in EGARA up to 16, representing more than 10.000 Automotive Recyclers in Europe, between them handling between them at least 5 mill. ELVs per year.

EGARA-representatives expressed satisfaction to see, that EGARA now also definitively have been brought to former Eastern Europe, and with GOE in Hungary on the way, the number of such countries may grow at the next EGARA-meeting.

Not only did NGO-ELV, Estonia join. Their dynamic and progressive chairman, Tiit Plaks was also elected into the EGARA Executive Committee.

Tiit has been following EGARA for as couple of years now, and after having attended intensive language training in English and indeed improved his skills, Tiit now felt that he could work constructively for EGARA, and accepted the election with pleasure.

Vidas Pocius, the Director of DA, Lithuania, for the first time attending an EGARA-meeting, expressed great expectations concerning collaborating with and learning from well established Automotive Recyclers in other countries, and as always in EGARA, where new members are offered to host a meeting, DA will host the spring meeting of EGARA, May 2007 – presumably in Vilnius.