CAZ, Slovakia joins EGARA

CAZ – Cech Autorizovaných Zhodnocovatel’ov Starých Vozidiel – the national Slovakian association of dismantlers, joined EGARA after a year of being a candidate member. CAZ fully fullfilled the demands EGARA requires to be a full member.

After a short vote CAZ was accepted without any objections as a full member of EGARA. EGARA’s Chairman was the first to congratulate Chairman L’ubomír Farenzena and assistant Diana Kalankova with their newly aquired membership.

L’ubomír stated that the memebership is of much importance for CAZ because this means they are supported by the European Group of dismantling associations in their lobby towards their government. CAZ feels the solution for reaching the recyclingtarget from the Directive needs far more attention than it has had so far.