EGARA Springmeeting 2014 at CARS Doncaster

EGARA’s 2014 Spring Meeting was combined with the British CARS show at Motorhogs dismantling site in Doncaster. Most of the board arrived on Thursday to visit the CARS tradeshow and exhibition. Motorhog is quite impressive as this site handles over 20.000 ELV’s a year and has 5000 ELV’s and 100,000 parts in stock on 10 hectares. The ELV’s are stored outside, 4 high in big racks. CARS was organised very well with lots of stands from suppliers, providers and other ELV related business. We spoke with 3 software suppliers (Pinnacle, Breaker Pro and DH Systems) about producers info. There was also more than plenty of food en drinks. A nice conference space was made for presentations. Next to the MVDA stand, ARA (US association) and ARC (Canadian association) were also present with their presidents and directors. It was good to meet some old overseas friends and some new and some that we only knew from mails. Outside were shows and demonstrations of heavy equipment (draining, crushers, cranes and cable strippers). During dinner, honorary chairman Duncan Wemyss was (deservedly!) awarded for his ongoing efforts during his career in the dismantlers industry. Thursday ended with a charity auction for cancer research and the Rett syndrome fund.

Next day EGARA visited the conference with first Paul Hallet from the Ministry about reaching the 2015 95% recycling target and the hurdles to overcome (one of them being missing vehicles), followed by Keith Freegard of Axion Recycling Ltd. This was a very interesting speech about plastics separation and recycling from ASR to PP, PS and ABS. They are even able to specify mixes of plastics to their customers (molders) purposes. This level of plastics recycling is quite impressive. So far the modern Mini has parts of recycled plastics, but the newer the car, the more complicated it is for recycling as materials are mixed (polluted) and glued together, making separation and recycling sometimes very hard to impossible.

The afternoon was for the closed EGARA meeting. Motorhog facilitated with a meeting room and beamer (Thank you, Motorhog!). Main items of the meeting were: missing vehicles/ registration systems and parts data.

  • –  DG Environment realizes that any result is as good is it’s input, meaning the base of any reporting is a registration system including all vehicles. We as EGARA consider this awareness a result of our lobby and are happy it finally is an issue. Next problems to tackle are DG Move that are in charge for car registration systems and unwilling memberstates to set up functional systems. Most current ones are not accurate, not continuous and deregistration is possible without any consequenses, leading to missing vehicles. Possibly a well working system would reveil a chaos that needs to be taken care of (work!).
  • –  Decided is that EGARA sets out a strategy to complain and explain our need for parts data. As providers are only allowed to deliver to sellers of new and remanufactured parts, we are excluded from producers info, which violates the obligations as described in both the ELV Directive and Euro 5/6 regulation. IDIS is no solution, IDIS only provides some materials and safety info, if not faulty. Producers still have their mouths full of 0-cost models, forgetting the costs of being legal ATF’s and forgetting giving us a benefit over black sheep only they can give to be at least able to compete and help cover some of our costs. We are not asking for the world, we just can use the support and it is law, so we feel it’s a fair claim.

    In all we had a good meeting, MVDA, Cars and Motorhog have taken good care of us and we thank Paul Fox for coördinating our stay! EGARA’s Fall meeting is planned for November in Brussels.