Last year, EGARA and several individual members have filed complaints against memberstates not implementing the ELV Directive correctly and thus not fulfilling obligations. One of the main complaints is that memberstates should make producers give info for recycling (materials and procedures) and reuse. As cars are getting more and more complicated and parts more and more destined for a range of cars only and only work with special procedures, we need parts info to be able to reuse as many parts as possible.

No memberstate has made the producers give parts info to the dismantlers anywhere. Producers and secondly memberstates say that in IDIS all necessary info can be found and the EC comforts herself with this idea. We all know that IDIS is only about some material info and some dismantling procedure, but they are not complete and sometimes just wrong. Parts info is nowhere to be found.

The EC needs proof that we get no parts data from the producers. To do so, we need dismantlers companies to apply for an IDIS acount on or to order their CD’s and judge the info. So far we tried several times and the only result was no result at all and in another case we were promised twice that the dismantler would be contacted soon. We did not got any definition about how soon and are stil waiting, which in our idea is a signal.

We also asked Techdoc and DAT as data providers to have acces to data and to what costs. We can guess the answer, but we are eager to see it.

EGARA thinks it would be very helpful if we would receive info from companies about the quality of the info on IDIS. We need the knowledge that is with the dismantlers about parts, materials and procedures and compare this with the IDIS info. We also need to hear from our members and companies if anyone gets acces to IDIS or receives info CD’s. This is something we can only achieve if we truly act as an association in which members do their share of the work only they can do.

Anyone that has info about IDIS or other providers and wishes to share this, please pass it to your association. It’s in our own shared interest to convince the EC that we are excluded from producers info. Together we should be able to get at least some useful data.