On request of the Swedish SBR, EGARA organized a 2 days program to the Netherlands. The goal was to see the PST factory performing and her processes and to have a look at a dismantler with a top of the bill parts registration and storage program.

The delegation did not only exist from SBR members only, also Bilretur (network), Stena (waste collector and processor) and Chalmers (research) were participants so the Swedish cardismantling chain was present completely. In total the delegation was 15 persons strong.

The delegation took care of her own mobility with 2 rental mini vans which gave them all freedom they needed. The programme started with lunch and a presentation at the PST factory in Tiel. The presentation explained the PST process, as well as the ARN system and ARN organisation. After this a guided tour followed in the factory itself. All questions were answered, nothing was kept a secret.

After this the whole group moved to a motel near the dismantling station of Bart Ebben so next day hardly any travelling was necessary. EGARA had arranged a nice and very payable motel and after dinner and good nights rest all were ready for day 2.

At Bart Ebben Specialist Citroen Peugeot all were received with coffee and a truckload of cake, mayby undutch, but characteristic for the South Netherlands. Bart explained himself the history of the company and thus choices made. Typical for his system is that from al parts, characteristics are registered, and registered in a way that it can connect with the knowledge that already exists in the system. By describing characteristics in only one standardized way, hardly any mistakes are made choosing the right part for a customer. After this Bart showed the company.

Lunch was planned on road back to Schiphol airport. After lunch we said goodbye and the delegation moved on independantly. We all think it was a fruitful and very informative visit and this kind of sharing information is what an association as EGARA is all about. EGARA members can and should use opportunities like this to inform themselves and stakeholders when decisions need to be made.