Last Fall meeting in November, EGARA decided to join the IARC as a round table participant, even though we are no keynote speaker coming year. It was discussed if the benefit would cover costs and a lot was taken into concideration.

EGARA is asked to join many events like trade shows, conventions, seminars and meetings and only goes to few. It has been decided that EGARA only participates in occaisions where the dismantling industry really needs to be represented and where we can meet the people and organiations that we need to reach our goals. We think this is the only good way to spend EGARA’s members contributions.

In some cases we go to occaisions we are asked for by our members when they need our support or help to explain things. EGARA is than not just invited, but is specifically asked with a set target. Many times we can combine this with our Spring or Fall meeting.

The events that we feel have only little or even no value for our mission we do not join. This is sometimes not understood or even not appreciated, but as we are on a limited budget, shows, or events (sometimes st the other side of the world) without the parties of our scope, we simply cannot afford financially as well as politically. It’s not that we are not interested, but we have to carefully choose how to spend our money. This does not mean we feel these events have no value, the bonding effect and information for the ones that participate can be very useful indeed, it’s just not the field EGARA operates in.

The IARC is one of the events that has priority for EGARA. Not only producers and many R&D oranisations participate, the EU is present also. This is a goed opportunity to directly discuss what
we feel is necessary and what is said in presentations and discussions in the programme. We can also learn what opinions live and what perceptions are fashion at the moment.

The results of spending money to attend an IARC are very hard to measure. There might even not be instant visible results. But being known, making your messages heard, maintaining contacts and feel positions is an ongoing process with progress that is not always predictable. But once others start to make the same statements, the work seems to give results. Especially at this moment, there’s attention for missing vehicles, car registration, illegal sites and even the promised car data. EGARA has decided to go with the momentum and even if our contribution to the IARC is next year less than other years, we are convinced it’s woth the effort.