Who we are

Who we are

EGARA was founded in 1991 and is the European association for national associations of automotive recyclers in Europe. EGARA represents the independent, professional, environmentally conscious dismantlers in Europe. 

Our mission is:

  • to ensure that a circular economy is a foundation in automotive recycling
  • to stimulate and facilitate the increase of reuse of quality spare parts and material from dismantled cars
  • to stimulate environmentally improvements for automotive recycling

Our philosophy is based on the following mission statement:

“Our primary business is to ensure that our work is in the best interest of a circular economy. To obtain this, we must sell used quality spare parts from dismantled cars for reuse and recover material from the dismantled cars (both ELVs and damaged cars). Furthermore, in the dismantling process, we ensure that the environment is protected from hazardous substances present in the vehicle and follow strict rules of operation required to ensure environmental safety.”

EGARA operates for independent, professional, environmentally conscious automotive recyclers (dismantlers) in Europe. The need for sustainability and a circular economy has never been more urgent and therefore is the role of EGARA more crucial than ever.

We operate in Europe because:

  • The car producers in Europe have about 45% of the market share of all produced cars globally.
  • We have near and good contact with the European car producers
  • We have well-established connections with EU politicians and workers that are involved in EU legislation.

Our work allows us to have a good and close dialogue that benefits our members and a circular economy for the whole of Europa.

EGARA is represented throughout Europe by our members. We fulfil our mission with limited resources, and we are proud of the results we have achieved!

There are still many things that can be done –but we need to work together. Only then we will succeed in the best interests of Automotive Recyclers in Europe. The future of EGARA is not dependant on one organisation, but the future of Automotive Recycling in Europe is very much dependent on a strong EGARA.

During the development of the Directive regarding end-of-life vehicles (ELV Directive) and now during the revision of the ELV Directive, EGARA has provided both input and knowledge, participated in discussions and meetings at the Commission and Parliament levels. Furthermore, we have a close dialogue with other European associations in the automotive sector, e.g., car producers, producers of components and parts, recycling industries. We ensure that our views and standpoints regarding missing vehicles, registration systems, VAT on spare parts, waste status, EV dismantling, and discussing industry status in legislation are heard. Furthermore, we tirelessly work on parts information and increasing the reuse of quality recycled spare parts from dismantled cars.

EGARA represents the independent car dismantling industry. Our members are associations that represent the interests of their dismantlers. EGARA has no commercial intentions, and car OEMs or governments do not guide EGARA. EGARA is independent.

Therefore, EGARA is the only European association truly representing Automotive Recyclers. But to do this successfully, we must work together – in EGARA!